What Is and How to Fix Google Ads Disapproval

Your ad copy was engaging, your landing page was informative, and you chose the right keywords – you’ve launched a great ad campaign. When you check your valuable ad campaign, you find red letters with unwanted words. Disapproved. You don’t understand what went wrong. Before you panic, take a deep breath. We’re here to explain […]

Important Conversion Rate Metrics You Should Pay Attention To

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the goals of all marketing campaigns. Various metrics are used to evaluate the effectiveness of your paid ads and blog posts. Conversion rate is one of the most effective metrics for determining the performance of a marketing campaign. You can use a number of conversion rates to determine […]

What Is a LTV/CAC Ratio and How to Improve It

Getting new leads and turning them into conversions requires a marketing investment. You’re glad when those leads turn into customers. But sometimes the cost of converting those leads outweighs their value. That’s why you need to monitor your Lifetime Value (LTV) to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) ratio so you’re not overpaying for customer acquisition. This […]

Types of Online Ads That Will Help You Boost Your Business

All over the Internet, from social media to search engines, ads are an excellent digital advertising strategy. Online ads allow you to reach your target audience in many places and forms. But what are your advertising opportunities? Read on to discover more about some of the most popular ad types. Google search ads The fact […]

Take a Look into the Future. 10 Web Design Trends for 2022

Not yet thinking about 2022 web design? Now is the time. Web design trends for 2022 are already emerging. It’s important to pay attention to them to stay relevant and bring visitors to your site. Will everything change in web design in the future? Well, not everything, but a few key web design trends for […]

Did you know that by 2023, 90% of Americans will be buying products and services online?

Ecommerce is fast expanding as more companies go online to service clients. But as more businesses go online, you need to create an e-commerce marketing strategy that makes you stand out from the rest. Take advantage of e-commerce marketing trends to make your company stand out. To help you boost your company’s online presence, we’ve […]

The Social Media Marketing Basics You Need to Know
  • 20.03.2022
  • by The Seologic Team
  • SMM

When you learn the basics of social media marketing, you will focus on attracting new followers. A social media manager’s day is filled with many tasks. Using social media for marketing requires a number of skills and strategies. This article will focus on those skills and strategies and help you understand social media marketing and […]

How to create interesting and SEO-friendly content in 2022?
  • 23.11.2021
  • by The Seologic Team
  • SEO

Earlier, the major priority for a good SEO-text was a high level of uniqueness and the successful use of the keywords defined by the analyst from semantics. The main factor of search success today is the topic of the material. You can use ideal keywords, create the perfect WRS and assign the text to a […]

What Is An SEO Firm? An Inside Look at Their Work
  • 17.11.2021
  • by The Seologic Team
  • SEO

There is no final stage to managing your website. There’s nothing like clinking glasses and raising a toast to a fantastic new website. But weeks or months later, many businesses wonder where all the traffic is. Building a website is only the first step in maintaining a successful website. Working with a top SEO firm […]

What is People Also Search For or People Also Ask
  • 15.11.2021
  • by The Seologic Team
  • SEO

People Also Search For (PASF) is an SEO Strategy for 2021 and beyond. Google’s enormous variety and dynamic SERPs may quickly overwhelm business owners and SEO professionals. Contrary to popular belief, these changes are beneficial. Now it’s time to focus on People Also Search For and use it to generate new visitors. Increasing visibility and […]

How To Improve QS In Google Ads - 8 Steps
  • 12.11.2021
  • by The Seologic Team
  • PPC

If you run pay-per-click search ads in Google Ads, you know that it can often be a tricky nut to crack. Especially when it comes to the inexplicable quality score. The Ads quality score is made up of layers that influence the performance of your adverts. But what is it? How is it calculated? And […]

Google Ads Competitor Targeting: The Basics
  • 10.11.2021
  • by The Seologic Team
  • PPC

It’s fair to assume that your rivals are recruiting prospects via Google advertisements who would be a good match for your company as well. So, why not use your own Google Ads campaign to target your competitor’s brand terms? It’s a bit more complex than that, to be sure. We’ll go over everything you need […]

Cybersecurity Marketing Strategies That Work
  • 08.11.2021
  • by The Seologic Team
  • SEO

The cyber security business has grown rapidly in recent years, and shows no indications of slowing down. According to a Cybersecurity Ventures report, global expenditure on cybersecurity goods and services would exceed $1 trillion by 2021. The average yearly cost of cyberattacks globally is $9.5 million, according to the Ponemon Institute. While there is an […]

6 Common Content Audit Mistakes
  • 05.11.2021
  • by The Seologic Team
  • SEO

Good content is essential for any internet company to be successful. A well-executed strategy may be the key to a company’s success. If you do it incorrectly, you run the danger of not realizing your company’s full potential. If the worst happens, what will you do? You’ll be out money as well as consumers as […]

9 White Hat Link Building Strategies to Avoid
  • 03.11.2021
  • by The Seologic Team
  • SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not an easy task. It contains numerous strands that must be intertwined to get optimal outcomes. That gives SEO experts with several choices. They must prioritize and select their paths. Read this post to learn more about how much SEO costs. In link building, there is a choice between black […]