10 Examples of A/B Testing That Can Help You Improve Your Website

If you thought you were free from tests after you graduated from high school, we’ve got some terrible news for you. Owning and operating a successful SaaS website requires extensive testing. However, in this instance, you are the one who is administering the tests rather than taking them.

AB Testing is what we’re talking about. As a company owner, you must test everything you offer to the public. All aspects of your website and marketing materials should be thoroughly examined. Only through testing can you be certain that what you’re presenting the public converts.

Even the greatest site designers and marketers can’t guarantee that everything will be perfect the first time. AB testing provides you with the information you need to modify and update your site content and marketing materials as needed. It enables you to experiment with conversion rates.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re not sure what AB testing is or how to perform it. We’re going to refresh your memory on what AB tests are. Then we’ll walk you through ten real-life AB testing scenarios. They all made a significant impact for the companies concerned. They should provide you with lots of ideas for your own experiments.

What is AB Testing, and how does it work?

An AB test is when two distinct forms of something are compared. You’re basically comparing ‘option A’ against ‘option B.’ This is where the term “AB testing” comes from. Versions of online content or marketing materials are what web developers, site owners, and marketers need to test.

For example, you may want to compare two versions of a landing page. You’d make the two pages, then show them to audiences of the same size. You can then obtain statistics on the efficacy of each page by using a platform like Google Analytics or a split-testing application. You can figure out which page is superior by looking at data like bounce rate and goal conversion.

The most useful AB tests are ones that enable you to make clear conclusions. You want to know why one page is better than another, not simply that it is better. You might, for example, alter just the style of CTAs on your two sites while testing. If one page converts better than the other, you’ll know which CTA to employ in the future.

AB testing is a continuous procedure. You must continue to modify and test. That may seem to be a difficult job, but it is well worth it. The benefits of correctly optimizing a page for conversions may be substantial. The following 10 AB testing examples demonstrate this. Each of them produced outstanding outcomes for the companies involved.

Examples of A/B Testing

AB testing is essential for any niche or company strategy. It’s what guarantees you always have the appropriate marketing materials on hand. The following are 10 instances of how this kind of testing has aided businesses of all sizes.

CTA Test by HubSpot

HubSpot is a well-known brand in the marketing and SEO industries. They have a sizable internet presence as well as a well-read blog. The first of our AB testing examples concerns their use of a lead generating magnet in their blog articles.

CTA Test by HubSpot

At the end of certain articles, the company included a complimentary inbound marketing handbook. Readers have to fill out a contact form in order to get access to the book. HubSpot experimented with providing a link to the form vs embedding the form in the articles.

It’s known as a ‘in-line CTA’ when a form is embedded in this manner. In a test conducted by HubSpot, the in-line CTA option increased conversion rates by 71%. That’s a huge increase in lead generating that any company would welcome.

Test for high-rise headings and subheadings

Highrise is a customer relationship management (CRM) software-as-a-service company. They ran an A/B test to see what combination of headers and subheadings would work best for a sign-up page.

Test for high-rise headings and subheadings

Five alternative headers and subheadings were created by the company. They next evaluated which combination of those choices worked best by putting them in a randomized order.

Changing up the pairings in this way goes against the grain of AB testing knowledge. Changing just one variable at a time is frequently preferable. In this instance, altering just the title or subheading would have sufficed. However, you can’t argue with Highrise’s results.

Highrise’s original copy turned out to be the poorest choice in the test. The company discovered a new heading and subheading pair that generated 30% more clicks by experimenting with different combinations.

Test of the Groove Landing Page

Landing pages are important for every SaaS company’s success. Groove understands this as a supplier of customer support solutions for such businesses. That’s probably why they ran a thorough A/B test on their own landing page design.

Test of the Groove Landing Page

The business had a fantastic product and a terrific blog, but it had a poor conversion rate. They spoke to colleagues and experts and came to the conclusion that their landing page needed to be redesigned. To see how they seemed to their clients. Engaged users of the company’s goods were interviewed. They discovered what they were passionate about and how they spoke about the company’s goods.

Groove Landing Page

Groove redesigned their page based on the feedback they received. They experimented with a variety of alternatives, all of which were based on user ideas and phrasing. The end result was a new page with a conversion rate of 4.3 percent, up from Groove’s previous low of 2.3 percent.

Test of the WallMonkeys Homepage

This is the first of our AB testing examples that showcase a firm that isn’t a SaaS company. WallMonkeys is an online retailer of colorful wall decals. Their homepage test, on the other hand, provides some helpful information.

The initial site of the business used a big stock picture with an overlay title. The picture was changed in their initial test. They replaced it with a customized version that displayed one of their real goods. The end product was fantastic. The website’s conversion rate increased by 27%. WallMonkeys, on the other hand, did not stop there.

Test of the WallMonkeys Homepage

The first site of the business used a big stock picture with an overlay title. The picture was changed in their initial test. They replaced it with a customized version that displayed one of their real goods. The end product was fantastic. The website’s conversion rate increased by 27%. WallMonkeys, on the other hand, did not stop there.


A second AB test was conducted by the company. The site title was replaced with a noticeable search bar. The conversion rate increased by 550 percent this time, which was a considerable improvement. These sorts of outcomes demonstrate the value of A/B testing. It also shows the value of doing many tests rather than just one.

Test of the Server Density Pricing Model

Aesthetics aren’t the only issue in web design. It may have a significant effect on how prospective customers view your goods. Take, for example, Server Density. They use a SaaS approach to offer hosting and website monitoring. As a result, their pricing models have always been visible on their website.

Server Density

Server Density discovered that way they presented their pricing models had an effect on conversions after doing an AB test. The firm’s first page was all about service costs. They experimented with a comparison table as an alternative.

The other version of the page provided not one, but two significant benefits. As a result, the company’s total revenue increased. It also reduced the amount of people who signed up for a free trial but never paid.

Yuppiechef Navigation Test

This example from our collection of AB testing examples demonstrates how straightforward tests may be. You may enhance your site significantly by altering only one tiny piece of any page or file. Yuppiechef performed the same thing by putting the navigation functionality on a landing page to the test.

Yuppiechef Navigation Test

The initial page for the kitchenware company included a basic navigation bar at the top. That bar included connections to various kinds of goods and sections of the website. The effect of eliminating the navigation bar was investigated by Yuppiechef.

The company’s conversion rate increased by 100% without the bar at the top of the page. Users of the site were not distracted by links. Yuppiechef’s profits increased dramatically as a result of this change.

Humana Banner Test

Humana is a health-care insurance company based in the United States. Their AB testing example, like WallMonkeys’, demonstrates the value of doing many tests. The insurers were experimenting with a banner advertisement.

Humana Banner Test

The company intended to increase the banner’s click-through rate (CTR). The original Humana banner included a headline, sales text, a call to action, and a picture. All of those components were modified via a series of AB tests.

Humana came up with a completely different banner after testing each element. The title and text were both made shorter and more concise. The CTA style was updated, and the picture was made more approachable. The banner’s CTR increased by 433 percent when the text and picture were changed. Adding the modifications to the CTA resulted in a 192 percent increase.

Test the Sim City 5 sales page

AB testing is used by the world’s most well-known companies. In the game business, Electronic Arts (EA) is a household name. They split test the Sim City 5 pre-order website, which is one of their most popular titles.

Test the Sim City 5 sales page

The firm discovered that marketing assumptions don’t always hold true via AB testing. They tried a different page that was similar but for the lack of the promotion. That less complicated option outperformed the original by 40%.

Those that pre-ordered the game were not interested in making any further purchases. They were uninterested in the $20 off offer. As a result, A/B testing may assist you avoid making assumptions about your target audience that are wrong.

Facebook Ad Test by RummyCircle

Every company owner should use social media as a tool. It may help with SEO, keyword research, and provide a profitable marketing channel. If you do decide to run social media ads, AB testing will assist you in optimizing them.

RummyCircle, a prominent Indian gaming company, ran an AB test on one of their Facebook advertisements. They wanted to see whether a theory they had about the ad when it was seen on a desktop held true when it was viewed on a mobile device.

Facebook Ad Test by RummyCircle

Users were more inclined to click on the ad if they also remarked on it on desktop, according to the company. As a result, the original ad text contained a comment section.

The company ran a test with one ad that retained the invitation and one that didn’t. RummyCircle discovered that the option that didn’t ask for a remark worked better on mobile. As a result, AB testing are very useful for identifying various audience groups.

Checkout at the Olympic Store

The last example of AB testing demonstrates how tests may result in substantial changes. The official merchandiser tried two kinds of ecommerce checkouts in the run-up to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Checkout at the Olympic Store

There were several pages in the first checkout option. To finish checkout, customers have to go through each page one by one. It made the procedure seem difficult.

Everything was on one page at the store’s alternative checkout. Customers would be able to input all of the necessary information in one location. The redesigned checkout also made it clear that establishing an account was not required to make a purchase.

The site’s proprietors decided to call the experiment off after just 606 transactions. By 21.8 percent, the alternate checkout had surpassed the original. They ditched the old version in favor of the new one.

Your Path to Success Will Should Be Tested

Not all of the given AB testing examples will apply to your company. However, by studying about them, you will get a better understanding of the importance of AB exams. They’re essential for figuring out what works with your real consumers or target market.

You can improve the conversion rate of your content and marketing materials by doing A/B testing. You’ll know that the pages you’re displaying and the ads you’re running are converting. This is important in generating revenue and ensuring a healthy bottom line.

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