Extraordinary Strategies How to Build Links That Will Boost Your SERPs

Despite recent attempts to diminish their importance, obtaining authentic, high-quality backlinks to your website is still an important element in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings. The issue is that you may not always have time to produce (or steal) fresh material.

If so, don’t worry. This article was designed to assist you increase your search ranking without generating fresh content. Check out these seven unique link-building tactics to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  1. Find Your Inner Trickster – Make a prank or parody

Not only for April 1st. A well-executed prank or parody is a sure method to spark a backlink bonanza for your site.

Consider the 2009 Ivar’s Billboard Hoax. Customers in personal submarines might see the ads and resurface for refreshment, according to a Seattle seafood restaurant. Of course, it wasn’t. The boards were placed as a PR gimmick (which succeeded!).

Taking this strategy requires foresight and careful preparation. Prevent a negative PR blowback by gauging all potential audience and public responses. Your prank should be amusing, if not provocative, but not rude or nasty. A clever planned stunt may generate an unlimited number of backlinks.

See how not to do it here. 

  1. Transcribe Video Content

A backlink from a well-known expert is the marketing holy grail. In the business, most experts and influencers utilize video material. If a well-known business person has untranscribed video material, do it yourself! Then offer your transcription to the owner in exchange for a hyperlink. One of our more unique link development methods, but one that can be very successful.

Transcribe Video Content

  1. Join the Student Blogging Network

They’re clever, broke, and sometimes blog. Unbeknownst to many students, several institutions provide a blog platform on their own domain. This is a great place to get some quick backlinks and visitors.

Find out which universities have blogs and pay students to connect to your site (the further away from loan day, the better). You acquire backlinks and they make money while you sleep.

Where to begin? Try a Google search using the terms “ac.uk” and “blog” to find prospective targets. Facebook is a friend. Simplify your search by posting to relevant student Facebook groups.

Post ads on Craigslist, Gumtree, Reddit, or Save the Student. Reaching out to student bloggers is an uncommon yet profitable link development technique. 

  1. Make it a Graphic — Add Color and Design

Even the best-written, most informative, and grammatically-correct material may be lost in the sea of black and white text on the internet.

Make it a Graphic — Add Color and Design

See this article on color psychology for additional information on how people respond and interpret text when accompanied by visuals and colors. Not a creative? Incorporate color and create backlinks with the assistance of a graphic designer. 

  1. Due Credit – Look for uncredited pictures online.

This is maybe the simplest of our unique backlinking methods. Search for and correct uncredited image use on your site if you offer high-quality picture material. This approach won’t work for all of your images. Qualifying pictures include infographics, illustrations, and diagrams.

Due Credit – Look for uncredited pictures online.

Do a Google image or Tineye search to see where and who is using your pictures (Google’s instructions). Then go to the search results and look for a connection back to your site. The search should be:

No malice is intended if you are not properly credited. Send a message to the site owner to reclaim your lost property. Another backlink for the books!

  1. Create a Job Board

Create a job board to promote fresh openings in your sector to earn high-quality connections and visitors. You may also create a forum on your website. Many successful instances of this odd but very powerful link building technique can be found on Problogger.

Create a Job Board

Once set up, you can sit back and watch the backlinks grow. As more jobs are listed on your board, your traffic and SERP ranking improve.

SERP ranking improve

As seen in the image above. Problogger has amassed an impressive backlink portfolio.

You may also encourage university Career Services to promote your resource, increasing the possibility for high-quality visitors.

  1. No Contest – Organize a competition

No Contest - Organize a competition

We prefer to win! Human nature. Giving away prizes is a great method to get backlinks from prize-hungry internet visitors. Quizzes, photo contests, caption contests, and games are all popular examples. More creative and unique ideas are better.

Contests and campaigns may be very effective backlink producers if done correctly (go here for a tutorial). Viral campaigns may extend the reach of your business far beyond the competition’s end date. Who really wins?

Avoid strict adherence to applicable market and competition laws. You don’t want to risk breaking the law to get backlinks. See this page for general legal advice.

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