Case Study: SEO Promotion of an Educational Website

Over 70% of promoted queries are in the top 10 of the Google search engine, with more than 50% in the top 5.
Increase in traffic from search engines by 4-5 times.
Growth in the number of keywords covered by the site in the relevant topic by 2 times.

B2B SAAS (Sales Management Software)

78% Decrease in Cost Per Lead
$144 CPL
16% Increase in conversions

B2B SAAS (software for retrospective meetings)

86% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion
121% Boost of Total Client Base
Increased the number of conversions in a month from 20 to 2,420 after 6 months campaign

E-COMMERCE (Furniture Store)

5.3x average ROAS
55% Increase in revenue
51% Increase in conversions

E-COMMERCE (Home Goods)

76% Decrease in CPL
4,6x Increase in Conversions
2,8x Increase in Conversion Rate

B2B SAAS (Gym Management Software)

4.5x Decrease in Cost Per Demo
21% Reduction in Google Ad budget
12% Increase in conversions

SERVICES (Online Courses)

ROAS – 1,119%
$25,000 in revenue from just $2,100 in spending

B2B SAAS (CRM system from a non-profit SaaS provider)

9x Increase in Leads after 7 weeks Ad optimization

SERVICES (Wedding Planning)

41% Decrease in CPL
60% Increase in leads
$39 Cost Per Lead

SERVICES (Home Improvements)

67% Increase in website sessions
29% Increase in lead conversions
$19.6 Cost Per lead (during a 4-month campaign)

E-Commerce (Jewelry & Accessories)

4.1x Increase in ROAS
2370% Increase in monthly orders

E-Commerce (Fashion Industry)

27% Increase in ROAS
374% Increase in monthly revenue from Facebook Ads
195% Increase in conversion

B2B SAAS (Gym Management Software)

36% Decrease in Facebook Ad Budget
1,9x Decrease in Cost per Demo
122% Increase in Conversions

E-Commerce (Beauty Industry)

506% average ROAS
$9 average CPP (Cost Per Purchase)
$1k/day in ad spend

A company selling parts for a home flight simulator

Organic traffic growth;
Increase in the percentage of requests in the TOP
Increase in the number of leads.