B2B SAAS (CRM system from a non-profit SaaS provider)

B2B SAAS client attempting to reduce Facebook Ad Budget while increasing leads.

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To reduce Facebook Ad Budget and increase the number of leads
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To understand the target audience
To understand the target audience
The first challenge was to understand the target audience and their demands.
To make sure landing pages look good
To make sure landing pages look good
The second task was to go over all of the landing pages and make sure they wouldn’t irritate the users.
To Prevent ad fatigue
To Prevent ad fatigue
The third challenge was to make sure that the audience didn't see our advertising too often, so that they didn't become irritated or tired of it, and so that we could engage more leads.
To Conduct A/B testing
To Conduct A/B testing
The fourth challenge was to carry out comprehensive testing with different creatives to determine which kind of content is most appealing to our target audience.

What we've done

  • Conducted audience research to identify and segment hundreds of potential audiences based on their interests;
  • Ran split tests on around 40 different images and the conversion rates varied dramatically, as a result 5 of the most convertible images were selected;
  • Tested over 74 combinations of headline and ad description text, and as a result we chose the 10 most converting ones.
  • During the optimization of the ad campaign, we found that the conversion rate of users on mobile devices was significantly lower, so the largest share of the budget was allocated to desktop devices.
  • Tested static images against video ads using Facebook's A/B testing function. The result showed that static images performed better.

The Results

Increase in Leads after 7 weeks Ad optimization

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