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In the world of the Internet, technology, and online business, it is very important to pay attention to the development of your website. This business should be approached with full responsibility so that the site can satisfy users’ needs and, thereby, potential customers can buy a product or service.

One of the most important steps in promotion is content creation. In particular, copywriting. Our agency, «Seologic», understands this very well and therefore provides copywriting services. Our managers are skilled at creating original, creative, and informative content, from blog posts to email newsletters.

With all this, the services of our copywriter include the following:

Keyword research

Keyword research

Copywriting starts with our specialists looking for relevant and valuable keywords for your industry, customers, products, and services. The team works together and often discusses important issues. Based on this reasoning, a thorough analysis of the website, and the help of special software for the selection of keywords, copywriters begin to develop effective content.

Professional copywriting

Professional copywriting

In order for your business to rank first in the search engines and become popular with users, you need to have a well-written copy of your website. Our copywriters and editors are professionals with experience of writing articles on a variety of topics and for a variety of clients.

A knowledgeable and experienced copywriter will do deep research into your field and develop good content. We also follow your company's guidelines so that our copywriters can create targeted copies that attract and convert the target market.

Optimized SEO copy

Optimized SEO copy

The next step is to optimize your content for search engines. The main task of a copywriter is to naturally fill the text with keywords, so that the words do not get out of the general meaning and look natural. These actions will increase your website's visibility on the Internet and generate valuable traffic.

For example, if the text of the post talks about the difference between a latte and a cappuccino, then the copywriter will include the keyword «difference between a latte and a cappuccino» to meet the needs of the target market through search engines.

Website implementation

Website implementation

Of course, your content won't do any good if it's not published. This work will also be handled by our team – the moment your team has carefully looked through the text and approved it, the managers will publish it on the website.

By the way, content can be limited not only by text. Our designers can also create beautiful visuals that can draw users' attention to a post or article in an instant.

Advanced artificial intelligence technology

Advanced artificial intelligence technology

Our team of copywriters uses innovative marketing platforms that enable us to track your competitors' SEO strategy, your efforts, and your success.

Dedicated account manager

Dedicated account manager

The very moment you come to our company for copywriting services, we find an account manager for you. This person will take the time to research your business, industry, and desired goals.

Thanks to professionalism, a great experience, and unique approaches, the account manager will develop an original and effective strategy for the development and promotion of your business.

The cost of Website Copywriter Services

Every website is one-of-a-kind, therefore, there is no single cost. Much of the cost is defined by the target region, the competition strength, and the project subject matter.

From $500

For us to develop a custom-tailored offer, please fill out the feedback form or call the phones listed on our website.

Want to know more about what digital marketing services SEO copywriting includes?

Voice search

Voice search

Since nowadays, most people do not write messages, but use voice queries, many agencies and companies should optimize their content for voice search. If you do not know how to do this, then our Internet agency «Seologic» is ready to offer your business such services.

Why do you need to create individual content for voice requests?

Let's imagine a situation where you are using the voice assistant Siri, Google Assistant, etc, and you are not typing in the search box «ideas for the living room interior», but asking: «How to furnish the living room?» Siri, or any other voice program, finds, generates, and provides you with a single search result – a specific snippet.

That is, only one website gets attention. This is why it is so important to optimize your content. By doing this, you will be able to grab and attract valuable traffic from your competitors.

How do we do our job?

We choose every word based on your target audience – who these people are, what product they want to buy and why. We also do not forget about the selection of keywords, which are also important for your website to be noticed on the Internet. And only then we start writing text that directly addresses users.

With this content, your website will be able to convert leads, increase the number of requests for quotations, increase the number of phone calls, and convince visitors that they will not regret buying your product. But the best thing about this work is that we take a copy of your original content and just optimize it. That is, the quality of the source material that attracts the attention of search engines does not suffer.

Search engines pay attention to the fact that the site should be liked by users, and not by programmed algorithms. Therefore, as long as we create attractive content and attract potential buyers to your site, our quality of work will always remain at its best.

PPC advertising

PPC advertising

If you invest in our contextual advertising services, we will also carry out copywriting for your advertising campaign, which is characterized as «return on investment», «ensuring», «maximization».

If you are studying PPC advertising, then you should understand that PPC is a budget-oriented service. That is, you invest money, get traffic, convert it and make a profit.

Our ability to create PPC shows how our SEO copywriting services can adapt to your brand's voice and tone. Are you looking for a simple yet strong and serious copy that will work well in some industries? Or are you looking for a calm, laid-back tone for your blog? Our managers will research and develop the perfect content to match your desired tone and brand voice.

We want to influence your bottom line – this is how we measure our success.

Social media copywriting

Social media copywriting

When talking about copywriting, don't forget about social media.

Compared to website content or ads, social media content has a more casual, light-hearted tone. It is because everyday social content is most consistent with the mindset of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social media is more about creativity, concepts than numbers, sales, and lead generation. There is less emphasis on maximization and return here. Thus, when creating content for social networks, our managers pay attention to short, flashy posts / messages that attract users and make them subscribe to your account.

In most cases, you can expect a fun and lighthearted tone from social media. But we still remember to do in-depth research on your target audience and create content for it, rather than conforming to generally accepted social media rules.

Email marketing copywriting

Email marketing copywriting

Last but not least, content development for emails. By contacting the «Seologic» company, our copywriters will help simplify the development, writing, and sending of emails. These services boast both lead generation and high ROI.

Working with email marketing, our team develops content tailored to your target audience. We also create material that will appeal to your subscribers, customers, and influence their positions in the sales funnel. Thanks to this approach, we will attract additional buyers for you, which will significantly increase your income.

In addition to copywriting, we will also help you simplify management, send email, and, thanks to special software, we will be able to monitor the strategy. This way, we can personalize your emails and understand what actions will lead to better open rates and conversion rates.

Why invest in website copywriting?

If, after reading this article, you still do not understand why copywriting is so important and why you should spend spend money on this service, then we suggest that you take a look at these benefits:

  • Since the creation of the internet, search engines have loved and still love content. But if earlier it was enough to just optimize content for Google, Bing, and other search engines, now it is not an option. In order for your website to rank first in the search, you need to create quality content: informative text with organic keywords, good quality pictures, and videos, etc. This is the only way to achieve the desired results.
  • When users search the Internet for a product or service, they rely on the search or website that links to yours. And according to statistics, this is about 80% of people. That's why if you want your site to appear in the first results of Google or Bing, you need content that is optimized not only for search, but also for users.
  • When choosing a product or service, users are totally dependent on online content. After all, it is there that they find all the information, reviews, recommendations, and answers to their questions. And only professional copywriting will help convince people that your business is what they need.
  • Google uses search quality evaluators. It works simply: they visit your site, look at the purpose, quantity, expertise, reputation of content, and other important qualities, and then rate your site. We think everything is clear here: the lower the score, the lower the ranking of your website in the search results, and vice versa.
  • Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing is capable of generating 3x more leads as most people enjoy learning about a business through articles rather than ads. Our agency is happy to help companies with limited time launch and maintain a content strategy.

Want the best website copywriting services for your business? «Seologic» can give you a hand!

To get started with us, contact us online today!

Every business is different, so we offer the tools you need.

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