How to create interesting and SEO-friendly content in 2022?

How to create interesting and SEO-friendly content

Earlier, the major priority for a good SEO-text was a high level of uniqueness and the successful use of the keywords defined by the analyst from semantics. The main factor of search success today is the topic of the material.

You can use ideal keywords, create the perfect WRS and assign the text to a copywriter who will do his best. But in the end the text won’t go far. To avoid such bitter misunderstandings, you better find another way to build and sustain a good relationship with search engines. The most important thing is to define a low competition topic, to select keywords for which users have not yet received an adequate and well-structured response.

Where are they to be found?

To find “fresh” niche topics, it is worth using unusual sources. If you’re used to look up to Ahrefs, Semrush, Wordstat, search suggestions, Relates Searches data collected on competitive resources, try to consider the audience interests as well:

  • Read your and your competitors’ comments.
  • Analyse thematic forums.
  • Look for your niche mentions on Twitter or Reddit, see what lookalike content is popular on other social networks.

You can also test a subscription to Google Alerts, a notification service that sends new content for certain keywords for a certain period. This is a good tool to find new topics, and in general to track trends in your field.

How to evaluate the new topic competitiveness?

Actually, to write about what others did not have time to write about is more important than to write better than others. Therefore, the search potential assessment of the future page can be performed by several factors. First-page ranking by keywords:

  • Forums and social networks communities,
  • Old materials (from 3 years and more),
  • Websites with low quality scores.

In other words, the pages you can get over by the optimization level. The first two points are quite clear. And in order to get data about resource quality you can use the analytics tools – DA by Moz or DR by Ahrefs.

How to please both search engine algorithms and the audience?

To create content that your audience and search engine algorithms will appreciate, pay attention to the key features that helps to identify a quality text:

  1. It should be well-developed while creating WRS. Specify the headings and subheadings, the topics that should be reflected in the article. You can mention the sources to take statistics or to use for citations. The article should be divided into short, capacious, and complete sections. It is important to identify the essentials, to sum up thought, to make lists.
  2. Select illustrations and tell the copywriter their quantity and define layout plan, so that this is to be taken into account when structuring the text. The illustrations must be of high-quality, and best of all unique. If it is not possible, use only respected photo stocks.
  3. The text should be easy to read. First of all, it is important to define the article audience and what language to speak to them. Don’t forget about technical readability. Improve keyword relevance – users should get exactly what they are interested in. High-quality displaying on mobile devices is very important.

To make sure your text is good, don’t forget to analyse statistics. It is worth referring to the data about once every 2 weeks. If CTR is low, work on the snippet and the beginning of the text. Monitor additional keywords proposed by Google Search Console and include them to the text. If users spend too little time on your page or make few conversions, consider improving the structure of the text and the internal optimization and usability of the page itself.

To keep the page «work», to get first page ranking long after its creation, update the information at least once a year.

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