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One of the most important goals of any company selling a product or service is to make the most of its target audience and its potential customers. And this is where content marketing can be very helpful.

This type of marketing is one of the most powerful strategies in all digital marketing. It allows you to increase your website conversion rate many times over, as well as raise brand awareness and increase your company's revenue.

By contacting the «Seologic» agency, you can fully rely on us. We will do our best to boost your brand awareness and website traffic. Also, you can be sure that we only use transparent methods for implementing strategies, that is, no hidden commissions and other secret activities.

What's in our content marketing package?

Strategy creation

Strategy creation

Our managers develop a specific content strategy that will be customized specifically for your company, your goals, and your target audience.

Content development

Content development

Our managers will create a content calendar. Depending on our package of services, we can provide from 3 to 10 materials.

Content creation

Content creation

Our copywriting and marketing managers will start creating useful and powerful content for users. This can be as a blog post, an online manual, advertising, as well as visuals - pictures, photos, videos, gifs.



Content marketing services are inextricably linked with SEO, that is, our managers will responsibly approach the task and optimize content for both users and search engines.



Through our network of industry influencers, our managers will help promote your content in the online locations that are most interesting to your target audience.



Every month, our managers will provide a clear and easy-to-read progress report. This will help us identify the effectiveness and value of your content for your bottom line.

The cost of Content Marketing Service

Every website is one-of-a-kind, therefore, there is no single cost. Much of the cost is defined by the target region, the competition strength, and the project subject matter.

From $500

For us to develop a custom-tailored offer, please fill out the feedback form or call the phones listed on our website.

Why invest in content marketing services?

If your brand's goal is to reach your target audience through digital marketing, then content marketing is the first thing you should consider. Thanks to this, your brand will be able to communicate with users not only in your city, country, but the whole world.

But there are other benefits as well:

Expand your business

Expand your business

Why do users need the Internet? For anything! Watch a video with a dog, upload a photo with a cat, find a car or sell old clothes - billions of people enter billions of different queries a year. But most importantly, 80% of these billions use the Internet to find a service, product, or goods. And if we talk about local searches, then in recent years their number has increased by 500%.

Serious numbers, right? In this ever-evolving digital world, it is no longer enough to use traditional marketing or advertising.

And that's where content marketing comes in. Thanks to the strategic plan, as well as the professionalism of the «Seologic» agency staff, you will be able to communicate with customers at different stages of the sales funnel.

Using a variety of resources (such as blog posts or visuals), we will create top, middle, and bottom content that will guide users from one stage of the purchase to the next. And at the end - the icing on the cake: they start asking you for prices, and the number of calls and the number of purchased goods increases.

Thus, your company will constantly grow and develop.

Build your brand awareness

Build your brand awareness

When you're busy creating your products or services, solving customer service issues, dealing with paychecks, spending time with family and friends, and getting basic sleep, brand awareness is not on your top list for business development. But it has several advantages that need to be mentioned.

Your brand is the most important thing your company can own. It is the brand that defines your business, can retain the loyalty of your customers, and influence their purchasing decisions.

Raising brand awareness can bring the following benefits to your business:

  • Keep your brand in the spotlight of current and potential audiences
  • Increased word of mouth
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increasing your brand equity
  • Increase in sales

The only thing to keep in mind is that it takes time to build brand awareness. This is why content marketing is very similar to search engine optimization.

Like SEO, content marketing delivers consistent, long-term profits for your company. Once you build brand awareness, you can immediately expect that most users will choose your company when purchasing a product or service.

How does it work? If you provide users with high-quality content in the form of informative posts, answers to questions, and recommendations for several weeks, months, or years, then people will begin to trust your company. Therefore, they will buy your products more than once.

Here are some statistics for you: by increasing your brand awareness, you can increase your wallet share up to 9 times. This is a lot considering the high competition.

Increase your income

Increase your income

The most important thing that follows from all these points - your income will greatly increase. According to research, companies that invest in content marketing have a conversion rate 6 times higher than companies that ignore this method.

Let's say your monthly conversion rate is 35%, whether it's a product purchase, a store visit, or a newsletter subscription. A 6x increase in conversion means that the percentage will increase by 2%. It may seem that this is very small, but in reality, it is not. Consider the average new lead value and the average customer spend, and you will see that these numbers are worth it.

But increasing income isn't everything. By using content marketing services, you will also gain a competitive advantage in the market. That is, you will receive a lot of new leads, thereby limiting the growth of your competitors.

As a result, the market share and business revenue will increase.

Reach your target audience

Reach your target audience

Do you know who is at the head of the Internet and the online world in general? Users. With a lot of power, they can do almost anything. If they want, they can block ads. If they want, they can choose which site to go to and which one to ignore. The problem is that this situation can make it very difficult to reach your target audience through marketing channels.

But this does not threaten you with the services of «Seologic». Our managers will research your preferences and pains, study your target audience and, as a result, develop a thoughtful and competitive content strategy, thanks to which your business will become an online hub for your customers and buyers.

Also, we must not forget another important point – how people buy goods on the Internet. When searching for a specific product, users can view about 13 pieces of content. And while some of them are on non-competitive sites (industry news sites), eventually people go to competing sites as they read more bottom of the funnel content.

But our team will take care of this problem too. When developing a strategy, our managers will include the contents of both the bottom of the funnel and the middle and upper ones. The result is that, by deciding to buy a product, your audience will go directly to your website.

Expand your consumer base

Expand your consumer base

Most companies tend to focus their strategy on the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) only. This makes sense, as consumers offer instant results that your team can show to decision-makers.

But if you really want users to like your company and your business to grow, then it's worth considering the upper and middle stages of the sales funnel.

The bottom line is that many people, when they want to find out information about a company, do not visit the site for advertising purposes. That is, people are more interested in reading a blog or article than in bumping into ads. By talking about your working methods, employees, and useful facts, you are trying to build relationships with your future customers until the very moment of purchase.

By the way, over 70% of all marketers are of the opinion that content marketing is more effective than advertising.

Paying attention to all stages of the sales funnel can help you expand your customer base. And by having a lot of followers, you will increase other features of your company, for example, an increase in conversions and brand awareness.

And you can completely entrust this task to the «Seologic» agency. With over 9 years of experience, we will create innovative and result-oriented content for you.

Maximize your digital marketing ROI

Maximize your digital marketing ROI

The digital services of the «Seologic» agency can maximize your income. With a high ROI, your company can reinvest in your internet marketing strategies as well as expand services.

And while content marketing's ROI is inconsistent, it's still better than traditional marketing.

Here's some data, compared to traditional marketing, content marketing generates almost 50% more users and is 62% cheaper. This fact, in turn, increases the income of your business and maximizes the results of your marketing strategy.

It is very important for our company that your business bears fruit and returns on all investments. In addition, our managers develop only evergreen content - content that will regularly attract new customers and remain relevant over time.

Become an industry leader

Become an industry leader

There are several advantages to having a high reputation.

  • With high-quality, compelling, and informative content, your company will be able to win the trust of users. And trust is a big victory because people will be sure that they made the right choice and that your brand is the best.
  • If your content is high-quality and useful, then people will most likely share it with other users. By telling their family and friends about you, they will increase your target audience.
  • The best benefit of being the best in the industry is conversions. People will not even think about which company to turn to for a particular service - they will immediately call you, come to the store, buy a product, because you are the best in your industry.

But it takes time to get # 1 on the first page of search results. This is why content marketing is a long-term strategy that will take a lot of time and effort. But why would you waste these resources when you have the «Seologic» agency? Trust us, our clients have never regretted choosing our content marketing services.

Why should you choose «Seologic»?

We have several reasons:

Years of experience

For 9 years, we have gained vast experience in digital marketing. And it's true: we are constantly evolving and adapting to the rapid changes in the Internet industry. And positive customer reviews only prove it.

Satisfied customers

We maintain a customer retention rate of over 90%. As a result, our clients not only leave hundreds of positive reviews on our website, but also recommend us to other people, which gives us a very high rating for client recommendations.

Individual strategies

We develop an individual strategy for each client, thanks to which we achieve high results: visits, purchases, and calls.

Professional account managers

All our employees are qualified people who are 100% suited to their task. Working with one of our experienced account managers, we ensure that you will always be greeted by a familiar face, familiar not only with your business, but also with you and your team.

Want to get content marketing services? «Seologic» can give you a hand!

To get started with us, contact us online today!

Every business is different, so we offer the tools you need.

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