How To Increase Ecommerce Engagement And Retention

How To Increase Ecommerce Engagement And Retention

If you want loyal consumers, you must convert them into regular buyers as soon as feasible. This article will examine different client retention methods and instances.

15 Ecommerce Engagement Strategies to Retain Customers

  1. Inviting them to follow you on social

It’s difficult to expect consumers to recall your brand on their own. We are all busy. But it’s acceptable to remind them of your existence — that’s why social media exists.

People are delighted to follow a company they enjoy on social media, since 45 percent of the world’s population uses it for product research. You simply need to give them that chance.

Use email signatures, purchase confirmation pages, and other non-critical communication methods to let consumers know you’re on social networking.

  1. Invite them to share their purchases

Consistency is one of Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion. People prefer to stick to their words and actions. They are more likely to engage with your brand and perhaps purchase again if they invest in your goods.

Ask your customers to share their purchases, but don’t limit them to a Facebook status or Twitter. Instead, allow consumers to share purchases through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This allows them to share it with friends or acquaintances who are more likely to be interested in your product. The gesture is more personal and meaningful.

  1. Affiliate or referral program

Affiliate and referral programs still function, but they need to be updated. Make your consumers accountable for your product’s success.

Affiliate or referral program

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program 

Invite consumers to your affiliate program. Reward their efforts with ecommerce shop credit and concentrate on client retention.

That’s because your affiliates will be introducing new consumers to your ecommerce shop. According to 54% of marketers, referral programs have a cheaper cost-per-lead than other channels.

  1. Send them excellent offers

Email marketing is an effective ecommerce technique. Using the proper techniques may increase open rates, engagement, and sales.

Send them excellent offers

Personalized email from Mixcloud

Emails with customized subject lines may experience a 50 percent greater open rate. Just three “abandoned cart” or “related products” emails may increase sales by 69%. Adding interactive material like quizzes or movies may bring up to a 300 percent spike in hits. Why? Because you provide thoughtful material to the reader.

Set email marketing KPIs, utilize successful techniques, and provide relevant information, through video, blogs or gift recommendations to keep your customer loyal, feeling appreciated, and returning for more.

  1. Throughout the sales process, share stories.

Business storytelling is an important method to create brand loyalty and may assist an ecommerce business build trust. Last year, 44% of market leaders said narrative was essential for success.

By helping your consumers connect to your brand, you’ll increase your odds of them turning into regulars in the future.

  1. Learn what people desire using quizzes

Quizzes, questionnaires, and surveys may all help your ecommerce marketing and sales teams. You may utilize them in several ways:

Content polls

Not sure what content or items your target audience would like? Make a survey and ask. It’s a proven method to keep customers connected with your brand.

A virtual salesperson

Use a product-based quiz to help a client discover the right product. This quiz may help people discover products that are customized to their interests in a fun and engaging manner.

A virtual salesperson

Shopping Quiz

This customized marketing strategy will increase sales by 80%.

  1. Marketing conversations

44 percent of ecommerce shoppers believe customized ecommerce experiences encourage repeat purchases. That’s almost half of all first-time buyers making a second purchase.

Conversational marketing is a simple method to accomplish this. Personalize a customer’s sales journey with a chat feature. Provide options for live chat with a salesperson, chatbots, and even video chat.

  1. Check on a purchase

Ecommerce interaction isn’t always required at the beginning of the customer funnel. There are many methods to boost post-purchase engagement. Consider additional methods to connect with a client outside of the sales process.

Using email or SMS to follow up on a customer’s purchase may help your brand’s reputation. Even after a sale, show that your business cares about the customer’s experience.

It’s essential not to bombard your customers with messages after they’ve bought from you, and to avoid constant sales tactics. A simple thank you letter is frequently enough for them to remember you for their next comparable need.

  1. Provide a pleasant UX

It’s easy and doesn’t need much planning. Make sure your website is user-friendly. This covers voice search users on desktop, mobile, and non-screen devices.

74 percent of users return to a mobile-friendly site, and voice searches will account for half of all queries by 2020. Make sure your ecommerce website design is ready for it all and gives users a nice experience so they return.

  1. Send notes with goods

Ecommerce may be difficult to create a physical experience, therefore use your offline resources.

Send notes with goods

Notes with goods

When you distribute your goods, you can mark people’s houses. Consider methods to demonstrate them you care, your distinctiveness, and why they should choose your product over a competitor’s.

This may be done using your packaging or a short thank you letter included with your goods. Personal touches and real-life encounters are frequently more remembered than internet content.

  1. Offer discounts or free delivery to loyal consumers

This is a victory for your online store. As a thank you, provide repeat consumers additional perks. Distribute this information through social media advertising, online experiences, or email marketing.

Offer discounts or free delivery to loyal consumers

Discounts offer 

Don’t make them time-sensitive; they’re only a token of your appreciation.

  1. Subscription packages 

Subscriptions and quarterly care packages may help you connect with your consumers. See whether you can convert your product into a subscription business that keeps consumers coming back.

Your subscription bundle may provide reduced second rounds for renewals, free subscriptions for a specific number of referrals, or a combination of these approaches

  1. “Add it to my planner” 

Nothing exists until it is scheduled. Simple ecommerce plugins enable users to add personal or brand-led events to their calendars.

Add it to my planner

Google I/O scheduling

Remind your consumers to check in with you digitally. Invite them to add birthdays and gift reminders for loved ones. Or remind them to mark their calendars for your discounts so they don’t miss out on shopping first.

You’ll be contacting them on a channel that determines their daily activities, and you’ll be in charge.

  1. Create and read wishlists 

Shopping cart suggestions impacted 92% of online consumers. With wishlists, customization is key. Allow wishlists on your ecommerce site. This wishlist serves as an abandoned cart for both of you.

Offer discounts on items they enjoy during their birth month to deepen your relationship. This is good data. Deliver something they want, at a price they like, at a moment when they want to reward themselves.

  1. Create a product community

We finish with community. Many goods and companies depend on communities, particularly those in travel and tourism or those rely on offline encounters. The concept of community is similarly difficult to promote or convey. Having a community has many advantages.

But strong communities are renowned for selling themselves. Take the load off your ecommerce site and spread it among a community that loves your products and what they represent.

An organic reach inside micro-communities, a center of self-made brand advocates, and a gateway to UGC. Offering your consumers the opportunity to join a vibrant community keeps them connected with your product and other like-minded users, encouraging them to return often.

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