How to Run Retargeting Ads in SaaS

How to Run Retargeting Ads in SaaS

Anyone ever gone to an online store or website, began filling out a form, then left? Doubtless you have. Average online form or ecommerce shopping cart abandonment rate is about 70%. That implies 7/10 visitors depart before completing what the site owners desire.

Have you ever noticed how frequently you encounter advertisements for abandoned sites? They may appear on web banners or on social media. It’s not a flu The site you visited uses a marketing strategy called retargeting.

Retargeting is one of the most successful methods for a website to increase conversions, according to digital marketers. That’s why it’s one of the first places a SaaS provider should search for new paying clients.

Let us help you get started with retargeting advertising. It will explain why social retargeting is so vital. It will then discuss when social media retargeting may be used. A great Facebook retargeting plan will be explained in detail.

What is Retargeting?

Before diving into why retargeting matters and how to accomplish it, let’s define retargeting. Retargeting is just trying to re-engage a site visitor. Someone who has shown interest in your product but has not yet purchased it.

Retargeting allows you to target a warm audience. Know an audience that is interested in your goods or services. This tutorial will concentrate on Facebook social retargeting. 

What is Retargeting?

Later, we’ll guide you through setting up your Facebook retargeting plan. Let’s start with the fundamentals of Facebook retargeting. Just a few lines of code on your site will do the trick. A cookie is set in the browsers of your site visitors.

The pages that visitors view are then reported to Facebook. This data may be used to create retargeting advertisements that target particular demographics. You may target advertisements based on what visitors performed on your site. And first, let’s speak about why you want to.

Why Social Retargeting is Necessary

Why Social Retargeting is Necessary

Website abandonment rates are high. Most site visitors leave without doing the intended action. So buy something, sign up for anything, or join your email list.

So you can contact them. It not only targets them but also works. This is what Connection provided:

  • Three out of four customers notice retargeted ads.
  • Retargeted advertisements on Facebook receive 76% more clicks than regular ads.
  • Retargeting ads boost branded search by 1046 percent.

Social retargeting works for numerous reasons. First, you know your target audience is interested in it. Maybe they only need a small nudge or reminder.

Even if they aren’t ready to buy, you aren’t starting again. The same goes for organic search traffic. Your clients know you. Retargeting outperforms several other marketing strategies.

Why Social Retargeting is Necessary

Another reason to think about retargeting is the possibility of gaining fresh insights. Retargeting strategies on Facebook go beyond traditional advertising. You have the option of showing visitors what they’ve done on your site.

After that, we’ll learn about the apps.

Retargeting on Facebook may also be used to generate similar audiences. It’s a collection of Facebook users that have similar characteristics. Customers or website visitors can communicate with one another. A lookalike audience is a collection of people that look like your ideal customers.

Follow these methods to establish lookalike audiences on Facebook for business:

  1. Go to the ‘Audiences’ area of your account.
  2. From the ‘Create Audience’ drop-down option, choose ‘Lookalike Audience.’
  3. Select a data source. This is the demographic that your retargeting ad is aimed at.
  4. Choose the country or countries you want your lookalike audience to come from.
  5. Set the audience size with the slider.

When you select Create Audience, your list of potential customers will be ready in minutes. 7. You now understand the significance of Facebook retargeting. If that doesn’t work, perhaps some examples of when retargeting really works great.

When Should You Use Social Media Retargeting?

Social networking is becoming a more important marketing tool. It may be used in a variety of ways by firms in a variety of industries. Many businesses now utilize social media for a variety of purposes, including sales prospecting and SEO. Retargeting is a wonderful method to utilize social media to boost conversions on your website.

There are several situations when retargeting might be beneficial to a SaaS company. Consider the case where you want to promote a certain piece of information on your website. You may have written an excellent blog article that you are confident would impress anybody who reads it. Retargeting on social media might help you reach a larger audience with your post.

You may build up a retargeting campaign with that goal in mind by following the guidelines below. You might opt to target visitors who have already read one of your blog entries. Your ad can then tell them that you’ve produced some juicy new content for them to read.

When Should You Use Social Media Retargeting?

Retargeting may also be used to persuade individuals to attend a webinar or sign up for another service you provide. The example above demonstrates how this may be done in practice. You can address someone more personally if you know they’ve visited your site. You may thank them for taking the time to read your information before pitching them on what more you have to offer.

Whatever your retargeting goal is, it’s usually a good idea to add an incentive in your advertisements. Some of the most effective retargeting advertisements offer a unique incentive to their target audience. For example, you might run a special deal that is only available to people who view the advertisements. Alternatively, you might provide a unique content upgrade to the ad’s target audience.

How to Set Up a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

A Facebook Ads Manager account is necessary to start utilizing Facebook retargeting. This should be set up if you regularly market your company on social media.

Visit Facebook Ads Manager after logging in. Then you may begin retargeting your adverts. It’s the first step to establishing a personalized audience of website visitors. Your retargeting ads will be shown to them.

Creating a Custom Audience

After login into your Ads Manager account, click on ‘Audiences’ to see your list. Creating an audience for the first time displays the page below:

Creating a Custom Audience

From there, click ‘Create Custom Audience’. In the ‘Create Audience’ drop-down menu, you can pick the same choice.

On the following screen, select ‘Website Traffic’.

On the following screen, select ‘Website Traffic

If you don’t already have one, you’ll be prompted to make one. It allows you to put a cookie in your visitors’ browsers. A pixel is required for Custom Audiences and Retargeting Ads. Similarly, your website must have Google Analytics monitoring code to operate.

A pixel is required for Custom Audiences and Retargeting Ads

You have various possibilities with these rules. It is possible to target certain groups. Criteria include:

In this case, you are a “return visitor.”

That’s a few. You may create a Custom Audience. Identify your target market. Describe it if wanted. Then click ‘Create Audience’. Also available for future Facebook advertisements.

You have several options when it comes to those rules. Different alternatives lt you create audiences of people who fulfill certain criteria. Criteria such as the following:

  • Anyone who has visited your website
  • Only people who have visited a particular page or pages on the site
  • Visitors who go to one page but not another
  • Former visitors to your site who haven’t been back in a certain amount of time

Those are just a few examples. You can tailor your Custom Audience to suit your circumstances. The last thing you need to do is to name your audience. You can also give it a description if desired. Then, click ‘Create Audience,’ and you’re done. You’ll be able to select this audience for any future Facebook Ad you create.

Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook retargeting requires a lot of effort setting up Custom Audiences. Now all you have to do is generate advertisements for your target market. You may build these advertisements in Ad Manager just like any other.

Creating Facebook Ads

The only distinction is in the targeting of the appropriate ad set. Select the Custom Audience you just created for your retargeting campaign. Of course, you’ll want to customize the creative and copy to your campaign’s goals.

This may help you convert one-time visitors into loyal customer. In such situation, your ad’s creative and message will focus on offering consumers the advantages. This is similar to targeting your website’s content.

Retargeting to Rekindle Audience Interest

As a SaaS company owner, you’ll spend a lot of time attempting to generate website traffic. It’s inevitable that most visitors depart sooner than you’d want. Many will leave your site without purchasing or contacting you. Those guests don’t have to vanish.

Social retargeting allows you to reignite visitors’ interest in you. It enables you to directly target them in a manner that works. Facebook retargeting advertisements outperform regular ads. These advertisements also assist increase branded search traffic. That’s why effective Facebook retargeting is so important.

Setting up retargeting campaigns is a breeze. Create Custom Audiences and relevant advertisements on Facebook. Create as many variations of each as you can. So you get the most out of your retargeting. If you follow the ideal approach, you may be shocked by the outcomes.

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