Take a Look into the Future. 10 Web Design Trends for 2022

Take a Look into the Future. 10 Web Design Trends for 2022

Not yet thinking about 2022 web design? Now is the time. Web design trends for 2022 are already emerging. It’s important to pay attention to them to stay relevant and bring visitors to your site.

Will everything change in web design in the future? Well, not everything, but a few key web design trends for 2022 deserve your attention.

We’ll cover them all here! Before you go any further, bear in mind that Seologic is a top-notch web design business that constantly looks to the future. Love a design? Contact Seologic online or call +13478979960 for more information!

This is our list of the top web design trends for 2022.

  1. Page speed

Page speed is a top web design trend that will always be relevant.

Don’t ignore page speed when creating new pages and site designs and launching updates to the site.

But if you ignore this factor, you risk losing traffic, conversions, search engine rankings, and more.

People expect a site to run fast, and search engines like Google are increasingly evaluating sites based on page speed. With the help of page speed and Core Web Vitals, Google understands how quickly a page loads and is ready for use.

To increase page speed, follow these steps:

  • Images must be compressed;
  • Reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code;
  • Use a content distribution network (CDN).

You can also hire page speed optimization services to save you and your development team time. Now you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about your website’s speed because you have a trusted agency to handle this problem.

  1. Accessibility

Making your site accessible means enabling everyone who visits it to use it, not just avoiding a six-figure fine. You want to create a site that everyone can use because it’s your business.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design have numerous criteria to meet. That’s why most businesses invest in ADA compliance.

For example, there are some plugins for WordPress websites.

You want to get started quickly, whether you use a service provider or a tool. As long as your company doesn’t use this web design trend, your site will become less accessible to people who are disabled.

  1. Mobile-friendly

It should come as no surprise that a mobile-friendly website design should be your top focus for 2022.

With a mobile-friendly website design, users on a smartphone or tablet get the same experience as on a desktop.

Since Google’s mobile-first index was released in July, mobile responsiveness has become an important web design trend for 2022.

With mobile-first indexing, Google looks at the mobile version of a website first, rather than the desktop version, making mobile responsiveness even more important in 2022 web design.

The best way to make your website mobile friendly is to work with a responsive web design company.

  1. Simplicity

Simplicity is very important for 2022 web design.

Users don’t have the time or patience to figure out a complicated website with a lot of animations.

The future of web design is simple in every sense.

For example, Starbucks’ site features a lovely white chocolate mocha latte and tasty panini. It makes a person want to go buy both products right now, thus the simplistic site design is working.

Navigation is also quite easy, with just three options!

How can you make your website more simpler?

You should try to simplify these areas of your site to provide a better user experience and easily get into the future of web design:

  • Navigation;
  • Graphics;
  • Home page;
  1. Illustrations

In the year 2022, a photo of your employees at happy hour, which used to be a good way to add personality to your site, may be out of place. To your website. Instead, more companies are starting to use illustrations on their websites.

This not only gives your site a current style, but also makes it distinctive. As a result, users will remember your site because many other sites offer the same contrived shot of shining staff.

Using an illustration allows you to utilize your brand colors and create the precise mood you want.

Look at a good example of a company’s website. They use illustrations to create the ideal mood for their website.

Look at a good example of a company's website

Their brand’s colors are used to personalize it, and the whole home page has an outdoor atmosphere, great for a tent website.

Imagine how dull this home page would be if they showed photographs of their tent manufacturers.

These simple illustrations add personality to the design. Expect to see more illustrations in web design trends for 2022!

How you should use illustrations on your website:

First, don’t feel obligated to include illustrations if they don’t match your website design. If you’re rebranding and want a modern design, illustrations are a great choice.

  1. GIFs

It is no longer acceptable to use stock images in your content. People will get bored before they even finish reading your pages.

Using GIFs in your content is a big web design trend for 2022.

They also provide a distinctive design feature that contributes to a better user experience.

An example of a GIF inside a website is shown below.

An example of a GIF inside a website

How you should use GIFs on my website.

Use a service like Gyazo to create eye-catching GIFs that draw people’s attention to your site’s content.

  1. Animations

Animations, like GIFs in your content, are a 2022 web design trend.

More websites are using GIF animations in their content, as well as on their home pages, in calls to action, and more.

Check out Adidas’ home page animation.

Adidas' home page animation

This animation loop draws the viewers’ attention and encourages them to stay. This is a brilliant tactic since it is simple to get trapped watching the animation.

How can you add animations to your site?

Animating your website is a good way to make it more lively. But only add animations to important pages, for example, the home page.

Be careful and contact a web design firm like Seologic that understands this trend, as animations of this size can quickly clutter and slow down your site!

  1. Instagram integration for a personal touch

Another 2022 web design trend is to engage with actual clients using Instagram.

For example, American Eagle launched the #AExME campaign, featuring actual consumers in their clothes.

American Eagle launched the #AExME campaign

This campaign creates a great marketing strategy since it:

  1. It enables potential customers to see their clothing on a real person rather than a model.
  2. It gives people ideas on how to wear certain pieces;
  3. It makes people want to buy more than one thing by pairing branded tops with branded bottoms.
  4. Potential clients may relate to these photographs and hence purchase them more easily.

This web design trend for 2022 might improve your design and conversions.

How to integrate social media into a website.

If you want to integrate social media to improve your site design, you should first create user-generated content!

  1. Voice optimization

Voice shopping will be a $40 billion industry by 2022. Today, more businesses are improving their websites for voice searches, and this trend will continue in 2022.

A website’s content must be optimized for voice search to rank effectively in search results. As you may be aware, good search engine rankings help drive quality visitors to your website.

If you don’t rank well, your nicely designed website will be unused.

As more people use voice search technologies like Siri and Alexa to search for information online, your website must integrate natural language processing (NLP) to appeal to all users, including voice searchers.

How to integrate voice optimization into a website.

With the right voice search optimization provider, you can get the most from voice integration! You want to use language that sounds like real human speech in order to appeal to everyone!

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Indeed, AI gets into all aspects of marketing. Using AI on your site, you can use data to meet customer needs.

Many websites, for example, utilize AI-based chatbots to respond.

Chatbots help companies to save time and allow them to concentrate on other tasks. They also help consumers by providing a fast reply to their questions.

How to integrate AI into a website

A chatbot is one of the simplest methods to integrate AI into your website. A digital marketing agency like Seologic can help!

For more information on how we can make your website win all year, contact us online or call +13478979960. Help with website redesign? Need a new website? We can also help with that!

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