Useful Tips to Design a Product Page

Useful Tips to Design a Product Page

What does it take to attract a potential buyer and get him to buy your product? Set up ads on Google? Promote your company on social media? Yes, it is very important and it will really attract buyers. But if the design and navigation of your site are really poor, believe us, no advertising and strategies will save you.

So how do you create an attractive product page design? Here are 6 tips.

  1. Write captivating product descriptions

Unfortunately, you can not stand next to customers and tell in detail how good your product is.

But you can write an attractive description.

How does your product stand out from others? Why is it useful for your customers? Why won’t he regret buying it? Answer these questions, add a couple of beautiful adjectives, and voila – the description is ready.

Write captivating product descriptions

  1. Include important details in your product descriptions

It is not advisable to describe the product only with adjectives. Since users can not physically touch the item, add specific details to your description: weight, size, material from which the product is made.

Include important details in your product descriptions

Take a look at the example: Sweater – is made of cashmere, pink, machine washable at 40 ° C (104 ° F), etc. The tennis racket – 27 in long (69 cm), weighs 11 oz (311 g), is made of aluminum, etc.

This rule will apply to any product.

  1. Take high-quality product photos and videos

Add photos and videos to help people better understand what the product looks like.

Take high-quality product photos and videos

We also have a couple of tips for those who are taking their photos:

  1. Shoot the subject from different angles. How it looks inside and outside, below and above, right and left. This way, people won’t be surprised when they see your product live.
  2. Show your product in a natural setting and action. When doing the second option, it’s best to shoot a video demonstrating how to install the product or how to use it.
  3. Decorate your background. Are you promoting cupcakes? Lay a nice tablecloth on the table, add some nice crockery and some kitchen accessories.
  1. Use ecommerce SEO to get your products ranking

Our blog has a detailed description of SEO optimization, but we’ll go over the topic briefly anyway.

SEO is the process of writing and editing your pages so that users can see them on search engines.

The main part of SEO optimization is keywords. These are the words that people enter into the search box to find the site or information they want.

Keywords should be inserted in the title, description, and image alt text.

Also, keywords can be short-tail («Car») and «long-tail» («Volvo XC90 2015 car»). In the first case, it’s not a fact that people will buy your product. Maybe they’re just looking at cars, who knows? In the second case, a person is looking for a certain product and most likely, having entered your site, he will buy it. Conclusion – it is advisable to use long-tail keywords.

  1. Make it easy to browse products

People won’t always find the right products on your page – that’s a fact. You may not have a specific size or color. But your task is to keep users’ attention anyway, and here are some ways:

  1. Offer similar goods. Moreover, it is on the same page, so that people can immediately go to another product.
  2. Make it easy to return to the main product page.
  3. Make navigation easy. First, create an organized navigation menu at the top of the page with links to all product categories. Second, create a breadcrumb navigation. So to get to a product page for a bracelet, someone may have clicked a link to your “Woman,” then “Accessories,” then “Jewelry,” then “Bracelet Model A.”

Make it easy to browse products

  1. Collect and share reviews on your website

Testimonials can help people understand how your product performs in a real environment. If you offer a good product and have an experienced customer service team, you may rest assured about reviews.

Although you still have to remember that you can not please everyone. Therefore, if you are faced with negative feedback, try to listen to it and change something in your product or service.

If suddenly you have more negative reviews than positive ones, you should probably dive deeper into the reasons why.

Collect and share reviews on your website

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