We Explain What SEO Is

We Explain What SEO Is

Imagine you have a small- or mid-sized business (Or maybe you already have one?). What can help you grow your audience and increase sales? Correct – marketing to potential customers. And SEO will help you with this task.

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of measures to increase a website’s visibility in search engines for targeted search queries.

It is important to know that Google’s algorithms put the most relevant results on the first page. AND 95% of people stay exclusively on page one. That means your website also has to rank in the top few results for a specific query to get found on Google.

We Explain What SEO Is

How does SEO work?

SEO works by optimizing your web content according to Google’s search algorithms.

The search engine takes a variety of factors into account when ranking content, and your goal is to optimize your content for as many of those ranking factors as possible. As a result, your rankings will rise, Google will put you on the first page and the most traffic will be driven.

What are the ranking factors?

  • Satisfying user search interest

For example, you need to promote your post for the search term «How to repair an oven». But instead of explaining «How», you just enumerate different types of ovens – users will immediately click back, because it’s not useful to them.

Look at what is currently ranking, and understand what search intent it’s targeting. Then create content that matches that intent.

  • Integrating keywords

Keywords are the terms people enter into the Google search bar. You should describe your website using these keywords, and the search engine on the basis of this «description» will include your content in the search results when processing user queries that match a particular topic.

Try not to overload your content with keywords. Otherwise, they will seriously «damage» your rankings. It will be enough to put them in the title, in the headings, and sometimes in the body text.

  • Optimizing a website for mobile and desktop devices

Nowadays, people surf the Internet mostly on mobile devices. That means if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll miss half of your traffic. Plus, Google ranks pages based on their mobile version, so a non-mobile-friendly page won’t rank at all.

  • Optimizing page load speed

85% of users expect pages to load in 3 seconds. If it is not, people simply click back, you miss your traffic and Google assumes your website is useless and ranks you lower.

Here are some ways to make your page load speed fast:

  1. Cache web pages
  2. Compress images
  3. Limit redirects
  4. Minify code

Get help optimizing your SEO with Seologic

Unfortunately, a little explanation can’t cover all the nuances that go into launching your campaign. If you need more detailed information, «Seologic» is here to help.

With over 9 years of experience with SEO, we know how to bring successful results to our customers.

To get started with us, contact us online today!

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