What Is an SEO Specialist?

What Is an SEO Specialist?

Seo-specialist is a person whose work is aimed at external and internal optimization of a site for search queries. In a simple way, this professional researches trends on the Internet, develops and implements various SEO strategies that subsequently help people find products and information in search engines.

One of the goals of a SEO specialist is to find keywords. With their help, the employee increases the level of website traffic and improves the interaction with users.

But nothing stands still. People are changing, and so are search engines.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

sample google search results 2010

In 2010, you could see that most of the links, in addition to Wikipedia and the Google article, led to the websites of SEO companies.

Now let’s take a look at what it looks like nowadays:

sample google search results nowadays

sample google search results nowadays

Have you noticed what has changed? Now Google provides information on the topics “What is SEO” and “How to become an SEO specialist?” While SEO companies are not even in the top three results.

The SEO professional needs to notice these changes, understand what they mean, and devise different strategies that work within them.

What exactly does an SEO specialist do?

It seems to many that the job of an SEO specialist is not so difficult. He just customizes the website a little, adds a couple of links and that’s it. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

An SEO specialist must constantly identify trends that we have already mentioned, change or find new ways to attract people to the site who are ready to convert and do business with you.

Let’s list what an SEO should know:

  1. How links work and why they are important
  2. What needs to be done on the website to increase its rating
  3. What needs to be done outside the website to increase its ranking
  4. How to promote a website using social networks
  5. Is it worth using Pay-Per-Click marketing?
  6. Why content marketing is critical to any online marketing push
  7. How to take advantage of new trends (video SEO)

Knowing this information and applying it effectively to your work, you become a real professional in your field.

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