What Is and How to Fix Google Ads Disapproval

What Is and How to Fix Google Ads Disapproval

Your ad copy was engaging, your landing page was informative, and you chose the right keywords – you’ve launched a great ad campaign. When you check your valuable ad campaign, you find red letters with unwanted words.


You don’t understand what went wrong.

Before you panic, take a deep breath. We’re here to explain why Google Ads are not approved. We’ll look at the following questions:

  • What are Google Ads disapprovals?
  • What are the different types of Google Ads disapprovals, and how do you deal with them?
  • How to appeal Google Ads disapproval?

Read on to find out!

What are Google Ads disapprovals?

Google Ads disapprovals happen when your ad conflicts with Google’s advertising policy. Ads are automatically checked, and if they violate Google’s advertising rules, they are disapproved.

The 14 Google Ads disapprovals to look out for (and how to fix them)

There are a lot of reasons why your Google Ads ads are disapproved.

In this section, we’ll categorize the disapprovals into three categories:

  • Destination disapprovals
  • Visual disapproves
  • Misconduct disapprovals

Destination disapprovals

If you are having trouble with Google Ads, it may be because your ad destination is not working.

The two possible options for destination disapproval are:

  1. Destination mismatch

Your Google Ads may be disapproved if the destination for each ad is different. All ads in an ad group must lead to the same destination URL, including paused campaigns.

If one or more of your ads lead to a different URL, Google may reject them.

How to fix

If your Google ads are disapproved for this reason, make sure that all of your ad groups lead to the same URL. Also make sure your paused campaigns are going to the same URL.

Ads can lead to a different URL, but you should put them in a new ad group to direct people to a different URL.

  1. Destination not working

Having trouble with Google Ads? Your destination may not be working. When you run a PPC campaign, Google scans your ads to determine the context of the landing page. If it can’t scan them, it can’t understand what’s on the page.

How to fix

If your Google Ads are disapproved of for this reason, you have two options. First, double-check your URL. It could be a simple spelling error that causes Google to go to a site that doesn’t exist.

If your URL is accurate, check your site code. You may need to change your robots.txt file so that Google can review your URL.

Visual disapprovals

The visual aspects of your ad may be related to Google Ads disapproval. If your ad text or images (for display ads) are not appropriate, you may get disapproved.

  1. Repetition

Your ad text and landing page may be disapproved if they appear to be repetitive. This indicates that the content of your ad and landing page is of poor quality, usually due to a clutter of keywords within the text.

How to fix

This is one of the easiest Google Ads difficulties to fix. If you find a problem, change the wording of your ad. First, make sure the ad text reflects your targeted keywords, and then remove repetition of keywords.

You don’t have to stuff your ad text with keywords to rank in search results. Ad relevance and a compelling landing page can help your ad show better results.


  1. Capitalization

Capitalization is a frequent reason for disapproval of Google Ads. Companies use capitalization to draw attention to their ads. But Google considers capitalization excessive and disapproves of your ad.

How to fix

If your ads are disapproved for this reason, remove all capitalization except the first letter of each word.


Also, if you have a compelling argument, you can appeal this Google Ads disapprovals. You can appeal to Google, for example, if your coupon code requires all capital letters and you use them in the ad title.

You can also appeal if your brand name is capitalized.

your brand name is capitalized

  1. Punctuation and symbols.

Your punctuation or symbols can cause problems with Google Ads. Google requires you to use correct grammar and not overuse punctuation and symbols. Google prefers clear, easy-to-read content.

How to fix

If it’s your case, you should fix the punctuation and omit the symbols. Also, use commas and apostrophes appropriately.

Punctuation and symbols

  1. Trademarks in ad text

Trademarks in ad text are one of the issues for Google Ads disapproval. This means that you used another company’s name in the text of your ad without permission.

Your ads may not stop working, but Google will limit your ad exposure.

How to fix

If trademarks in your ad text are interfering with the running of your Google ads, remove them. Removing the trademark is the quickest solution to the problem.

Also, your ads should comply with Google’s policy on resellers and informative sites. The text of your ad and landing page may not comply with Google’s rules if you are an authorized reseller with trademark rights.

You can change your page to conform to the rules and file an appeal.

You can also file an appeal if you think your ads don’t use a trademark.

  1. Copyrighted content

Your ads may be disapproved because of copyrighted content. Licensed content means you do not have permission to use it.

How to fix

There are two ways to fix this problem in Google Ads.

If you have permission to use licensed content, you can show proof of copyright permission from the original owner.

Without documentation, you have to proofread your advertising copy to avoid copyrighted content.

  1. Quality of the image

The last visual issue with Google Ads is image quality.

If the quality of your image does not meet Google’s requirements, your ad may not be approved. Image problems might include incorrect size, poor quality, or inappropriate orientation.

How to fix

A simple solution to Google Ads disapproval: use another image. If your image doesn’t meet Google’s requirements, you can change it. Make sure your new photo meets the standards to avoid being disapproved again.

If you want to keep your image, check out Google’s image quality criteria.

Misconduct disapprovals

Next, the most important Google Ads disapprovals to be aware of are those that lead to a lot of problems. Misconduct disapprovals include dishonesty, exploitation and deception. These disapprovals can lead to trouble, so deal with them quickly.

  1. Dishonesty

Dishonesty is one of the reasons Google Ads won’t approve your ads.

It is possible that your landing page could cause you problems with Google if it encourages people to mislead others. Google will disapprove of your ad and suspend your account for seven days.

How to fix

Dishonesty is one of the Google Ads problems that needs to be redone. You should change your entire ad and contact Google Support for help.

  1. Sensitive events

Sensitive events are one reason for Google Ads disapproval. Google looks for ads that seem to be taking advantage of sensitive situations, like natural disasters or global conflicts, to show them to people.

How to fix

This can be fixed by changing the text of the ad and making it more audience-oriented. Make your ads unbiased to avoid appearing insensitive to your target audience.

  1. Malware

Malware can be the reason your Google ads don’t work. When crawlers detect suspicious behavior on your website, they will give you a disapproval.

How to fix

Errors on your site can cause disapproval. The problem may be related to your site code or links. You may need to contact Google support to fix the problem.

  1. Inappropriate content

If your Google ads are disapproved, reconsider the content. Inappropriate content might indicate that your ad text or landing page contains explicit language, violence, or other things that are inappropriate for a wide audience.

How to fix

Make sure your ad text is age-appropriate. Consider whether your ad is appropriate for a child or teenager. If it’s not appropriate, make it G-rated.

  1. Misrepresentation

If your Google ads aren’t working, check the text of your ad and the landing page to make sure they align.

When your ad text and landing page create a bait-and-switch situation, you are responsible for misrepresentation. People who click on the text of your ad end up on a landing page that has nothing to do with it.

How to fix

Ensure that your ad copy and landing page match each other. If you sell men’s suits, make sure your landing page is all about them. Custom landing pages may help in creating an ad experience that is both targeted and relevant.

Also, avoid using clickbait in the headline of your ad. You should properly reflect on your ad and what people will get from going to your site.

  1. Dangerous products or services

Dangerous products or services are the last Google Ads disapprovals on our list. Ads for explosives, guns, knives, or cigarettes are likely to be disapproved.

Google only allows you to promote security products.You can, for example, advertise lockable gun cases or knife sheaths.

How to fix

The only way to make your advertising better is to emphasize safe things. Don’t mention other items or use decoy tactics. If you don’t want to emphasize safety, suspend your advertising campaigns.

Google will suspend your advertising account if you don’t make these changes.

How to appeal a disapproval.

You may be able to appeal some Google Ads disapprovals. Because your ads are checked automatically, mistakes or lack of human context may happen. You can file an appeal to have your ads accepted.

Follow these steps:

  1. Check your ad for rule violations: You need to carefully review your ad so you don’t get disapproval. Examine your ad’s text, extensions, and landing page for violations.
  1. File an appeal: You can appeal the denial on your account by clicking on it. You will appeal and submit your claim.
  1. Google Help: Contact Google to talk to a real person about your ad. You can clear up any misunderstandings by explaining the reason your ad shouldn’t be disapproved.

Get help with Google Ads disapproval.

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