Why it’s important to use Pinterest for your Blog

Why it’s important to use a Pinterest for your Blog

Whenever I need new ideas and inspiration, I go to Pinterest. Probably, this is one of the places where I want to return again and again. But here you can not only draw new ideas, but also use this platform as a way to promote your business, drive traffic to your website and increase sales. After all, a huge number of people come here every day, so it is important for marketers to be active here.

Why is it important to use Pinterest for business?

Now we will look at several reasons why people use this platform.

It helps to boost traffic

Pins are bookmarks that users use to save content they like. If your pin contains a link back to your website, then users clicking on it will increase your overall traffic.

It helps to attract users

Firstly, your page should be interesting so that users want to visit your site, and then share your posts with friends or acquaintances. In this way, they will help boost your brand’s reach. After all, Pinterest was originally created to share images with supporters.

It helps to streamline conversion.

Pinterest is a system that contains various images focused on the interests of users. Thus, if a user comes to you, then your page and what you are selling are already close to him.

Setting up a Pinterest account for business

On Pinterest, you can create not only your personal page, but also an account for your business. And as a result, your business account will become the official page of your store. After all, unlike a personal account, a business profile allows access to advertising, online transactions, checking statistics on your photographs and boards, and other features.

If you are interested in Pinterest and want to become a part of it, let me help you create a business account. It’s easier than ever. Let’s check!

  1. First, you need to follow the link pinterest.com/business/create
  2. Then you need to provide the name of your company and indicate its website.
  3. Customize your profile.
  4. Claim your other accounts.

If you do not understand, do not worry, now we will analyze each item separately.

  1. Follow the link pinterest.com/business/create.To create your account, you need to enter your email address and set up a password.
  2. Provide the name of your company and indicate its websiteAs mentioned, now you will need to provide your business name, business type, and your website details. Tell us briefly what your company is doing, and insert keywords and phrases there. If you can not choose the categories suitable for your business, then indicate “I’m not sure”.
  3. Customize your profile.In this section, we will fill out our profile. Here you can specify a profile picture, display name, username and some important information about your brand. So users can easily find you.
  4. Claim your other accounts.Claim your website name and any other accounts to ensure you get attribution and analytics for all of your content on Pinterest.

After we have set everything up, it remains to understand how you plan to use your page to grow your business.

Is Pinterest free or not for business?

Pinterest is free for businesses. You just need to take the time to create an account.

Pinterest Business Guidelines:

  1. Decide what exactly you will post
  2. Think about your design.
  3. Optimize your pins.
  4. Use rich Pins.
  5. Learn about categories.
  6. Leverage Pinterest Lens
  7. Tell about your profile

Well, now we have set up our business account. Now I will remind you of some points that should not be forgotten.

  1. Decide what exactly you will postConsider what kind of content you plan to post. You can study in advance what content is in demand now. These can be both tips and recommendations. After all, it is important to understand your target audience, what users want to see on Pinterest or what to share. One step is done, let’s move on to the next
  2. Think about your design.Congratulations! You have decided what you will publish on your account. Now let’s define how your images will look. Keep in mind that they need to be consistent with your brand guidelines and also be eye-catching compared to other brands’ images. There are many applications or tools where you can try your own designs.
  3. Optimize your pins.When adding posts, you will need to optimize your pins. To optimize your pins, follow these instructions:
  • Use hashtags
  • Add CTA
  • Comment and reply to subscribers’ comments
  • Use keywords in titles and descriptions
  • Include a URL

This instruction will help you to promote your business and users can easily find your posts.

  1. Use rich Pins.Rich Pins are a fairly new addition to Pinterest’s business features. These extended contacts show viewers more information than regular contacts, making them more powerful for business. Because they contain information about prices, product details, and other data.
  2. Learn about categories.You can see Pinterest’s popular categories by clicking on “All Pinterest Users” and then scrolling down to the categories and interests section. Here you can assign each board to one of 36 categories. For example, a user who watches cars on Pinterest. He will constantly get posts about cars.
  3. Leverage Pinterest LensPinterest recently launched a new search feature called Pinterest Lens that will make it much easier to find relevant content and is available on both Android and iPhone devices. You can aim it at any object, take a photo and find ideas for using this object.One more point is, well done! Let’s now take a closer look at an equally important topic, namely how to use Pinterest for your blog.
  4. Tell about your profile Tell us if you have a new Pinterest page for business on other social networks. Don’t forget to invite them to join you. Then subscribe to them in response, like or leave comments. After all, this must be done on all social networks.

There are several methods for how to use Pinterest for your blog:

  1. Customize your images.A nice headline and a clear image are great ways to get new customers interested. Don’t use too long headlines or unclear images. After all, this is a visual component of Pinterest, the promotion of beautiful images happens by itself when they are saved on the boards by platform users.
  2. Select your best blogsPick out blogs that have a captivating headline and attractive images and promote them. Don’t forget that you need to promote blogs that are linked to your boards.
  3. Create an optimized pin descriptionThe description should look nice, concise and reflect the essence of the post. Pinterest is a search engine, so it’s important to choose the right words to increase your chances of attracting new users. It is important to make a clear description of the profile, pin, put tags, choose a name. Include keywords and hashtags in your profile name that users can use to find you.
  4. Be active and engage with PinnersWhen Pinterest users interact with your pins by clicking, saving, and leaving comments, it counts as engagement. Customize your Pinterest business profile and add Pins to your boards regularly. The more regularly you do this, the more likely it is that Pinterest will notice you and show you more.
  5. Create infographicsAn infographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. Infographics use striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly.
  6. Use SEO strategy.An SEO strategy is the process that you follow when you want to get more organic traffic. You can include relevant keywords for all of your blog posts and image descriptions or write high quality content.

Pinterest for Business Examples

Let’s look at some illustrative examples:

  1. HubSpotHubSpot is an All-in-One Marketing Software. It is on the popular Pinterest page. Here you can see an example of how to Use Pinterest for Business. It has infographics, fun content, and tips. For a minute, he has 5 million views per month.
  2. AirbnbThis profile has over 10 million views per month. Here you can spy on interesting ideas for homes. You can find interesting and creative solutions for creating coziness right here. Get inspired by ith them!
  3. RuggableTheir pages are very concise. They have over 10 million views per month. They make machine washable rugs for your living room, bedroom, entryway, and more. People love that their rugs are durable, waterproof, and easy to clean!
  4. EtsyEtsy is an online marketplace that connects sellers with buyers.It is associated with handmade toys, collectibles, art, home goods, vintage furniture, jewelry, and clothing. Here you can find independent artists and crafters who can sell their goods. It also has more than 10 million views per month.
  5. BuzzFeedThis is the account of the Internet news company BuzzFeed. It is popular for its fun compilations and games. Audiences love engaging content like this: the account has over 10 million viewers per month.

To register with Pinterest, decide why you need a business account. For example, do you want to increase sales, or increase traffic to your website, or build a community for your brand? After all, the type of content that you will publish depends on the goal. Pinterest is a fairly effective tool for promoting any business. You just need to know how to use it correctly. This is where our advice will help you.

Taking into account all of the above, we can conclude that Pinterest for business and ordinary users are:

  • The best project in the world where you can sell your products and promote your brands;
  • Here you can store any images, share them with friends, comment and, most importantly, find ideas for inspiration.
  • You can also build a whole community around your project. For this you just need to communicate with clients and create group boards.

Perhaps everything will not be easy for you right away. Remember to subscribe to boards that interest you. Many people use Pinterest for inspiration. They save the pin and sometimes put it aside to look at it later. In order for users to not forget about you, you will have to attract their attention with every new publication. Do not be afraid, you will succeed!

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